15 Best Kodi Addons for Movies and TV Shows in 2021

Are you looking for a new movie or TV show to binge on? Viewers will be spoiled for choice in 2021 thanks to the number of blockbuster movies and TV shows set to be released throughout the year. There are even some old favorites scheduled to return for a new season. Now the only question … Read more

15 Best Websites to Watch Hindi Movies Online Free

Did you know that Bollywood releases the highest number of films every year in the world? So, where are all these Hindi movies hiding? They’re not always available at the local cinema or on popular streaming services. So if you’re a fan of Hindi movies, it can be challenging to find the latest releases coming … Read more

12 Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives in 2021

Are you still upset by seeing the message that ExtraTorrent was shutting down? It might have been three years ago, but users of the popular torrent site have not received any closure since their final message was posted. There was no explanation as to why the site was shut down, and it left many wondering … Read more

How to Unblock The Pirate Bay and Access it From Anywhere

Has The Pirate Bay stopped loading up for you? It seems like every year, it’s becoming harder to access the popular torrent site. Countries around the world are passing new laws and making it harder to access The Pirate Bay. If it’s not the local governments, it’s your internet provider that’s restricting your ability to … Read more

15 Best Free CCleaner Alternatives in 2021

Is your PC running a little slower lately? When you first purchased your laptop or desktop, it would boot up in seconds and open programs in the blink of an eye. But as time went on, it started to slow down to the point that you could walk away to make a sandwich and return … Read more

How to Stay Safe When Trading Online

Online trading involves risk, however, the biggest risk might not be trading itself but poor online security hygiene. It’s good to make sure you are aware of the latest cybersecurity threats and tips on how to avoid them. In this article, we will discuss basic tips that help you protect your funds. What are the … Read more

Safe Trading Platforms for In-Game Digital Goods

If you’re an avid gamer, you might’ve thought of taking advantage of your hobby to make a living or enhance your gaming experience even more. If such is the case with you, you should definitely be open to checking out different marketplaces. A digital marketplace that allows you to buy items in video games. Today, … Read more

The 15 Best Free Firewall Software for Windows in 2021

Are you looking to beef up your online security in 2021? Even though Windows comes preinstalled with free firewall software, it’s still one of the most attacked operating systems around. The Windows firewall tries to do an adequate job of keeping your device safe, and your router also comes with some software to protect you … Read more

How to Open a Torrent File on Any Device

Do you download a lot of torrent files? A torrent is great for uploading and downloading large file types. Instead of using your server’s power and the recipient’s bandwidth, a torrent file will utilize the speed of everyone who is sharing the item, so it gets transferred quicker. While it’s common for torrent files to … Read more

Should You Use VPN For Forex Trading?

A VPN is used by people who want to opt for private and safe internet surfing. Due to regulations, some countries have set limitations on different forex websites, therefore traders may have difficulty accessing those. The appeal of a VPN, over and above the privacy, is that it also allows you to gain access to … Read more

The 11 Most Popular Ethical Hacking Software Options in 2021

Are you out of the loop when it comes to what the best ethical hacking tools are in 2021? The mere mention of hacking might conjure images of breaking into government department websites or eliminating your credit card debt with a financial institution. But that’s not what ethical hacking is about at all. Ethical hacking … Read more

9 Best Free Adblock for Chrome in 2021

Are you desperate for an ad blocker for Chrome? It doesn’t seem to matter what website you click on these days. You’re presented with pop-ups attempting to coax you into handing over your email address or signing up for a special offer. Meanwhile, in the background of the website, your details are getting tracked with … Read more

What is a Network Security Key and How Do You Find It?

Do you know what your network security key is? If you have a wireless network in your home or at the office, then you’ll likely have a network security key. It’s also commonly referred to as a Wi-Fi password and is what protects the access point so that only you or your co-workers can securely … Read more

12 Best Free Discord Voice Changer Software in 2021

If you’re a gamer, you’ve no doubt heard of Discord. But did you know that you can change your voice on the popular chat platform? There are plenty of reasons to use a voice changer on Discord. Firstly, it is hilarious. Playing some rounds on Fortnite while autotuning your voice or sounding like the Devil … Read more

12 Best Safe Operating Systems for a Computer

A lot of new hardware was released in 2020, making it the perfect time to upgrade your device. Whether it’s new graphics cards to run triple-A games or installing an SSD hard drive to eliminate loading times, there are plenty of ways to boost the power of your PC. However, the cherry on top is … Read more

How to Change Your Location in Pokemon GO

Have you caught all of the Pokemon? Depending on where you live in the world, there’s a strong chance that you haven’t. Did you know that there are Pokemon that are exclusive to certain countries and regions? Unless you’ve hopped on a plane and traveled there, your collection is going to have some empty spaces. … Read more

12 Best Free Registry Cleaners for Windows 10

Is your laptop running a little slower than usual? You might think it’s the hardware itself, or maybe you’ve got too many programs installed on the hard drive. Now you have to question whether you can live with the speeds or are you best to start shopping around for an upgrade. Another option is to … Read more

13 Best Showbox Alternatives

Are you still mourning the loss of Showbox? Fans of movies and TV shows around the world were upset to find out that one of the best streaming services online would be turning off their servers. Now their loyal fanbase must look elsewhere to get their fix for the latest blockbusters and TV series. With … Read more

15 Best Fake Email Generators in 2021

Do you want to sign up for a service but don’t want to hand over your real email address? Perhaps you’re not entirely confident the business is trustworthy or that your information might get sent off to advertising partners. Maybe you just hate getting spammed with emails trying to pressure you to spend more money … Read more

The Best Free Streaming Sites for Movies and TV Shows in 2021

Are you ready for another year of epic movies and binge-worthy TV shows? Last year saw some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters premiere on streaming services. There were also new seasons for all your favorite TV shows and original content that became instant hits with audiences who were stuck at home. 2021 looks to be no … Read more

Is Gambling Using a VPN legal?

For most gamers, a VPN is a useful tool for combating lag and reducing bandwidth throttling in online games. For streamers, it’s a way to appear as if they are in the same country that their channel is targeted at. However, for online gamblers who use VPNs, it might be illegal in certain cases. So … Read more

12 Safe and Free World of Warcraft Private Servers

Are you on a quest to find the best World of Warcraft private server? Since 2004, Blizzard’s MMORPG has remained one of the most played games on the planet. The developers have continued to support World of Warcraft by adding new expansions and fine-tuning the graphics and gameplay to ensure players continue to return to … Read more

The Best Pirate Bay Alternatives

Have you given up on The Pirate Bay to download your torrents? It can feel like it’s every other day the site is down as they rush to move their servers to another country or find another alternative to get around federal prosecution. The Pirate Bay has had a good run as one of the … Read more

The Best Torrent Client

If you have some big files that you need to download, you are in the right place. You can try downloading them directly to your hard drive. But depending on your internet speed and the host server’s power, you might be waiting hours or potentially days for it to download completely. A much faster way … Read more

PrimeWire Safety Concerns And Alternatives

Are you a couch potato who loves binging the latest TV shows and movies? Maybe you’re someone who says “just one more episode” as you realize the sun is starting to rise. You can’t help it. There is so much amazing content out there and so little time to consume it all. But one of … Read more

Kickass Torrents Alternatives

Are you still in mourning over the closure of Kickass Torrents? What once was one of the most popular file-sharing websites on the internet was forced to close after the owner Artem Vaulin was arrested and charged with a number of copyright offenses. You might have tried some of the mirror sites that popped are … Read more

How To Get Unbanned From Omegle

Are you looking to make new friends online? Perhaps you’re a student who wants to meet other like-minded individuals? Maybe you’re just looking for the thrill of anonymity? Omegle is one of the most popular free and anonymous instant messaging services that offer all of these possibilities. There’s no sign-up or registration process either. All … Read more

How to Send Anonymous Text (Block Your Number)

Do you stare at your smartphone and wonder if it’s listening to you? Why is it that whenever you seem to talk about any subject on a phone call or in a text message that an advertisement suddenly appears trying to sell you something related to it? Or perhaps the Google Assistant or Siri suddenly … Read more

PeerBlock alternative: list of 7 services to block P2P

PeerBlock, previously known as Peerguardian is an open-source firewall that allows users to download torrents via various torrent sites safely by applying a block on IP addresses. It is a P2P blocker and since its inception, this free software has been mostly used by peer-to-peer and BitTorrent users with the main objective being to make … Read more

Is 123Movies safe?

It’s NOT unless you use safety pre-cautions 123Movies is a streaming site from Vietnam that allows users to watch movies online. The site was once one of the most popular websites for streaming movies but recently has faced legal action that has led to its stagnation. Today, website operates as a network of sites with … Read more

Best DNS Servers for PS4 and Gaming: Improve Speed

It’s Google but NOT always! Domain Name System (DNS) enables the conversion of text addresses from the web servers into an IP address and vice versa. You can also look at DNS as an intermediary that will enable us to view a website by keying on an easy-to-understand textual address rather than the actual internet … Read more

Is qBittorrent safe?

YES – It’s safe but be cautious! Since its release, qBittorrent has received numerous feedback and positive reviews as being reliable and very lightweight software. In addition, it is free, open-source, and packs most of the features found on BitTorrent. One of its most standout features is the ability to configure and attach qBittorrent to … Read more

Is uTorrent Safe?

YES – It’s safe but be cautious! uTorrent is among the most popular software used to download files on the web. uTorrent is being used by more than 1+ million active daily users and therefore raises questions on how safe it really is. The basis of this article is to answer several questions: What is … Read more

Torrent encryption: Get rid of bandwidth throttling

There has been increased limitations and throttling of torrent traffic by more  ISP networks during the last years. The number of ISPs that have been limiting BitTorrent traffic has been increasing every day, which led to the “bandwidth war.”  However, there is a solution to this – encrypt torrent. Encrypted torrenting will prevent the limiting … Read more

Guide to MotoGP Free Streaming: Watch All Races in HD

Motorbike racing doesn’t get more exciting than the MotoGP Championship. Millions of fans around the globe have over 100 media networks that they use to watch as the season unravels, however, most of those are based on subscription, for example, ESPN, Eurosport, and Sky Sports. The issue with these networks is that they charge high … Read more

How to check your torrent IP address (a quick 3-step guide)

In this article, we’ll explain how to check your torrent IP address and hide it from ISP. One of the essentials after setting up your torrent VPN or proxy is to test out security. The most effective way to prevent leaking your IP is by validating your current and historic IP address. This way you … Read more

The Risks of Public Wi-Fi – 9 Steps To Avoid Them

Did you know that hackers can run off with all your personal information just by you using a free wi-fi network? If you don’t want this to happen to you, then learn more about the security risks posed by public wi-fi networks and how you can avoid them.

Identity Theft Protection Guide: Keep Your Family Safe

Remember the Experian link? It wasn’t all that long ago. And it shows that identity theft has become a hot topic as data breaches happen more regularly. Facebook, Uber, and Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE marketplace have all shared time in the spotlight for leaking customer data. Loose security measures have put millions of individuals in harm’s … Read more

Guide: Paid vs Free VPN

VPN. Those three letters stand for a secure internet browsing experience (or Virtual Private Network, if you’re being technical). A VPN provides privacy, so your digital business won’t be known by anyone else but you. It means security, so no one else can access the information on your computer. And, it changes your IP address, … Read more

Guide To Save Money With VPN

Dynamic pricing is not just a bad nightmare, it actually exists. While you could have a relatively cheap burger in Korea, you wouldn’t fly there just for a burger, right? However, the same thing is happening with online products and services. Prices vary by location, as people have different ranges of purchasing power. Yet, In the … Read more

Encryption: What It’s All About

If you have been researching VPN software, you have certainly stumbled upon the word encryption. Encryption is the main security measure that computers, websites, and networks use to protect sensitive data. MIT defines encryption as: “a method of securing data by scrambling the bits of a computer’s files so that they become illegible. The only … Read more

How to Use VPN: 98+ Ways

You might already know the basics of what a VPN does, masking your IP and letting you surf the World Wide Web with a mask to rival Michael Myers. However, that is barely scratching the surface of what a VPN can do.

Here is an exhaustive list of fun things you can do armed with a strong VPN:

Read moreHow to Use VPN: 98+ Ways

VPN Services Case Study: 9/51 Won’t Respond to Your E-mails

Could you imagine waiting 94 hours for a reply? That’s what happened to us… This post is a case study on VPN services response time. We will go through the 51 most popular VPNs and reveal how long it takes to get an e-mail reply. How Long Are You Willing to Wait for an Answer? … Read more

VPN vs. Proxy – What’s the Difference?

Have you ever failed to watch your favorite Netflix show? Have you gotten frustrated when websites that you regularly use appeared in a different language or bore different information when you opened them at an airport during a layover? Content and information on the internet are not as freely available as it may seem. While this … Read more

Change IP Address: Your In-Depth Guide

Whether you are new to the Internet or a seasoned veteran, it’s good to know how to change your IP address.  Changing IP addresses is still a struggle for many. The good news is that it isn’t that difficult to change an IP address. It does, however, require a foundational knowledge of IP address methodology … Read more

How to Buy Cryptocurrency and Store It (Safely)

With this guide in hand, buying and safely storing cryptocurrency will be a breeze. The easiest and most straightforward way to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and several other cryptocurrencies is with Coinbase. Coinbase is an FDIC insured cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in New York City. Why Coinbase? Because it is the easiest to start with and, it’s … Read more

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